Halal Economy

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Halal sparkling grape to hit UAE shelves

DUBAI: Pearl’s Vignes de France is launching a premium grape based sparkling beverage made with grape juice and infused with carbon bubbles, in the Middle East. The beverage is sparkling,...

Regulatory Agencies

Turkey passes halal accreditation agency law

ANKARA: Turkey’s parliament has approved a law for establishing the country’s first halal accreditation agency, Anadolu news agency reported. Under the law, the Halal Accreditation Institution (HAK) will have the...

Research & Awareness

UAE leads key sectors in global Islamic economy

DUBAI: The UAE has been ranked first among 10 countries in three sector indicators — Modest Fashion, Halal Media and Recreation, and Halal Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics — with Malaysia leading...


Halal tourism in Tunisia

TUNIS: The Sandra Club Hotel in Hammamet, a popular coastal town in the north of Tunis, aims to position itself as a “family hotel,” and...

New Zealand renews halal food guide

WELLINGTON: Tourism New Zealand has released the newest version of its Halal Food Guide. Designed to accommodate Muslim travelers visiting the country, the current guide...

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