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Friday, August 23, 2019

Deliveroo introduces halal-only delivery bags in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Food delivery service Deliveroo has begun distributing halal-only delivery bags to half of its riders in Singapore to cater to the growing number of Muslim customers and halal restaurants.

The bags are being given out to 3,000 riders in phases, said a spokesman. Bags may be distributed to the other half of Deliveroo’s fleet of 6,000 riders in the next few months.Deliveroo currently has almost 100 halal-certified restaurants on its platform, and it expects to increase that number with the introduction of the new bags, it said in a statement.

Riders with the bags will be instructed to use them for orders from halal-certified restaurants, which are highlighted in the app. This will better ensure the appropriate handling of halal food.

The bags were introduced in response to requests from both Muslim customers and halal-certified restaurant partners.
Deliveroo operates in 12 countries worldwide, and Singapore is the first of its markets to get halal-only bags.

Mr Siddharth Shanker, general manager of Deliveroo Singapore, said in the statement: “The halal-only delivery bags will give both our customers and restaurant partners extra peace of mind when they order or work with us.” (The Straits Times)