Halal sparkling grape to hit UAE shelves

DUBAI: Pearl’s Vignes de France is launching a premium grape based sparkling beverage made with grape juice and infused with carbon bubbles, in the Middle East.

The beverage is sparkling, 100% natural, alcohol free, and halal certified, a new alternative to alcoholic bubbly beverages.
Designed for the Middle East and in line with cultural tastes and preferences, the name Pearl’s is in honor of the region’s historical pearl trading background, the packaging is designed in white as a symbol of purity and gold to portray the splendor of the product.

“We are very excited to launch Pearl’s on the occasion of the French national day in partnership and hosted by the French Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General of France in Dubai. This is a great opportunity to introduce this unique sparkling grape beverage which is a reflection of French indulgence and heritage, linking French vines to regional consumers,” explained Alexandre Mensuelle, founder of Pearl’s.

Created with an assortment of the finest grape selection of chardonnay and folle blanche, picked from the French vineyard, Pearl’s taste is the perfect balance of a relatively dry, medium-bodied white grape with crisp notes of fruity flavours. Pearl’s works in close collaboration with the vineyard’s growers to ensure that the highest-quality of grapes are selected. (Catering News ME)